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A History of Protestantism in Korea

Publisher: , 2022
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This book provides a comprehensive overview of Protestant Christianity in Korea. It outlines the development of Christianity in Korea before Protestantism, considers the introduction of Protestantism in the late nineteenth century and its widening and profound impact, and goes on to discuss the situation up to the present. Throughout the book emphasises the importance of Protestantism for Korean national life, highlights the key role Protestantism has played in Korea’s social, political, and cultural development, including in North Korea whose first leader Kim Il Sung was the son of devout Protestant parents, and demonstrates how Protestantism continues to be a vital force for Korean society overall.

Dae Young Ryu is a Professor at Handong Global University, South Korea.

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  1. Christianity before the Introduction of Protestantism
  2. Dawn of Protestantism
  3. Pioneer Missionaries
  4. Building Early Churches
  5. Saving the People of a Falling Kingdom
  6. Birth and Burgeoning of Christian Nationalist Movement
  7. Protestantism in the Early Stages of Colonialism and the March First Independence Movement
  8. Changes after the March First Independence Movement
  9. Mounting Challenges and Theological Conflicts
  10. Opening New Frontiers
  11. The Church under the Wartime System
  12. Amidst Liberation and War
  13. Ideal and Reality of a Christian Nation
  14. Light and Shadow of Church Growth
  15. Suffering and Transformation of North Korean Church
  16. Korean Situation, Korean Church

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