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Critical Readings on Christianity in Korea (4 Vol. Set)

From the publisher’s website:

Until the last quarter of the eighteenth century, there were no Christians in Korea. Today Korea is one of the most Christian countries in Asia, with over 30% of South Koreans claiming Christianity as their religious affiliation. The articles in these volumes trace the history of Christianity in Korea from its eighteenth-century beginnings to the present day. These articles address differences in how Catholicism and Protestantism were received, as well as the changing relationship of Christianity to political power, and the impact of Christianity on gender roles. They also examine how Christianity has interacted with the other religious institutions in Korea, and how Christianity has become Koreanized. They present the most sophisticated and the most recent research on the remarkable transformation of the religious culture of Korea over the last two and a half centuries.


Volume One

Part one: The introduction of Catholicism in the late 18th century, and the century of persecution that followed

Christianity in Korea | Don Baker

  1. The Martyrdom of Paul Yun: Western Religion and Eastern Ritual in eighteen-century Korea | Donald L. Baker
  2. Early Missionary Attempts in Korea | Albert Chan
  3. The Abolition of Ancestral Rites and Tablets by Catholicism in the Chosŏn Dynasty and the Basic Meaning of Confucian Ancestral Rites | Ch’oe Ki-bok
  4. Conflict and Dialogue between Confucianism and Christianity—An Analysis of the Tianzhu shiyi by Matteo Ricci | Song Young-bae
  5. Like Birds and Beasts: Justifying Violence Against Catholics in Late Chosǒn Korea | Franklin Rausch
  6. The Pursuit of Martyrdom in the Catholic Church in Korea before 1866 | Andrew Finch
  7. The Beautiful Mission: The Catholic Missionary Experience in Korea, 1853–1866 | Daniel Kane

Part two: The arrival of Protestant Christianity in 1884 (including questions of theological terminology and encounters with pre-Christian Korean religions, along with the modernization projects in education and medical care introduced by the first missionaries)

  1. The Legacy of John Ross | James H. Grayson
  2. The Impact of Christianity upon Korea, 1884–1910: Six Key American and Korean Figures | Daniel M. Davies
  3. Unequal Partners, Contested Relations: Protestant Missionaries and Korean Christians, 1884–1907 | Paul S. Cha
  4. A Study on the Protestant Discourse of Civilization in Early Modern Korea | Cho Hyeon Beom
  5. Protestantism in the Name of Modern Civilization | Jang Sukman
  6. Protestantism in Late Confucian Korea: Its Growth and Historical Meaning | Chung-shin Park
  7. The Revivalist and Fundamentalist Theology of Rev. Kil Sŏn-ju: Commemorating the Centenary of the Great Revival of 1907 in P’yŏngyang | Hwang Jae-Buhm
  8. Nomadism and the Discovery of the Nation: The Case of Yun Chiho | Lee Sang-Hoon
  9. Major Protestant Revivals in Korea, 1903–35 | Sung-Deuk Oak
  10. The American Missionary Movement in Korea, 1882–1945: its Contributions and American Diplomacy | Jung Young Lee

Volume Two

Part three: Christianity and politics, including Protestant resistance of Japanese colonial rule in the first half of the 20th century and the contributions of both Catholics and Protestants to the democratization struggle of the 1970’s and 1980’s

  1. Visions of Violence, Dreams of Peace: Religion, Race, and Nation in An Chunggŭn’s A Treatise on Peace in the East | Franklin Rausch
  2. A Political Factor in the Rise of Protestantism in Korea: Protestantism and the 1919 March First Movement | Timothy S. Lee
  3. The Shinto Shrine Issue in Korean Christianity under Japanese Colonialism | Kim Sung Gun
  4. The Shintō Shrine Conflict and Protestant Martyrs in Korea, 1938–1945 | James Grayson
  5. No Distinction Between Sacred and Secular: Horace H. Underwood and Korean-American Relations, 1934–1948 | Jong Chol An
  6. Religion and the Democratization Movement | In-Chul Kang
  7. The Relationship between Christian Communities and Chung-Hee Park’s Government in Korea | Wi Jo Kang
  8. The Progressive Christian Church and Democracy in South Korea | Yun-Shik Chang
  9. Protestant Church and Wolnamin: An Explanation of Protestant Conservatism in South Korea | In-Cheol Kang
  10. An Analysis of the Debate over Conscientious Objection in Korea | Mun Soo-hyun

Part four: The impact of Christianity on the status and roles of women in Korea

  1. Catholicism and Women in the Royal Court of King Sunjo in the Late Chosun Dynasty | Joo Park
  2. Women in the History of Catholicism in Korea | Ok-hy Kim
  3. Women’s Work for ‘Heathen Sisters’: American Women Missionaries and their Educational Work in Korea | Hyaeweol Choi
  4. For God and Home: Women’s Education in Early Korean Protestantism | Chong Bum (Sean) Kim
  5. The Visual Embodiment of Women in the Korea Mission Field | Hyaeweol Choi

Volume Three

  1. Protestant Missionary Work and Enlightenment of Korean Women | Hyo-Chae Lee
  2. Korean Bible Women’s Success: Using the Anbang Network and the Religious Authority of the Mudang | Lee-Ellen Strawn
  3. Negotiating Patriarchy: South Korean Evangelical Women and the Politics of Gender | Kelly H. Chong

Part five: Diversity in Korean Christianity

  1. An Understanding of Orthodoxy and Heresy in Korean Church History | Jeong-Min Suh
  2. Historical Currents and Characteristics of Korean Protestantism after Liberation | Sukman Jang
  3. Via Media in the Land of Morning Calm: The Anglican Church in Korea | Sean C. Kim
  4. Yesuwŏn: An Ongoing Experiment in the Kangwŏndo Wilderness | Deberniere Torrey
  5. Adversity and Advance: The Experience of the Orthodox Church of Korea | Michelle Sungshin Lim
  6. The Korean War and the Rise of Christian New Religious Movements in Korea | Ji Il Tark
  7. Korean Christian Theologies of the Holy Spirit: Their Distinctiveness and their Origins in Korean Experience | Kirsteen Kim
  8. Korean Protestant Christianity in the Midst of Globalization: Neoliberalism and the Pentecostalization of Korean Churches | Sung Gun Kim
  9. Ethereal Christianity: Reading Korean Mega-Church Websites | Kirsteen Kim
  10. Encounter with Modernity: The “McDonaldization” and “Charimatization” of Korean Mega-Churches | Hong Young-gi

Part six: Christianity and other religious traditions in Korea

  1. Traditional Religions and Christianity in Korea: Reciprocal Relations and Conflicts | Don-ku Kang
  2. Ancestors Becoming Children of God: Ritual Clashes between Confucian Tradition and Christianity in Contemporary Korea | Okpyo Moon

Volume Four

  1. Ch’udo Yebae: A Case Study in the Early Emplantation of Protestant Christianity in Korea | James Huntley Grayson
  2. What should Christians do about a Shaman-Progenitor?: Evangelicals and Ethnic Nationalism in South Korea | Timothy S. Lee
  3. Healing and Exorcism: Christian Encounters with Shamanism in Early Modern Korea | Sung-Deuk Oak
  4. Faith Healing in Korean Christianity: The Christian Church in Korea and Shamanism | Fuchigami Kyōko
  5. The Movement of Copying the Bible in South Korea: An Embodiment of Christian and Confucian Spiritualities | Chang-Won Park

Part seven: Christianity in Korea today

  1. Christianity in Korea | Horace G. Underwood
  2. The Structure and Characteristics of Sunday Worship in Korean Protestant Churches: Focusing on the Korean Methodist Church | Sang Un Park
  3. Two Aspects of an Evangelical Quest to Christianize Korea: Mammoth Crusades and Sectarian Incivility | Timothy S. Lee
  4. Sociological Implications of the Roman Catholic Conversion Boom in Korea | Youngseok Moon
  5. Markets of Piety and Pious Markets: The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Korean Capitalism | Jean-Paul Baldacchino
  6. ‘Serving Two Masters’: Protestant Churches in Korea and Money | Gil-Soo Han, Joy J. Han & Andrew Eungi Kim
  7. A Sociological Study on the Factors of Church Growth and Decline in Korea | Won Gue Lee
  8. Historical Religious Structure and the Rapid Growth of Protestantism in Korean Society, 1945–1990 | Setbyol Choi

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