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East and West: Fusion of Horizons

Publisher: , 2005
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In East and West: Fusion of Horizons, Kwang-Sae Lee seeks to find and develop themes of mutual resonance in Eastern and Western thoughts, trying to interpret across boundaries of culture and age.

The book discusses some general “methodological problems” pertaining to the “Meeting of East and West,” Confucianism and Kantian moral philosophy, Heidegger, Wittgenstein and Eastern thought, and outstanding themes such as social practice theory, holistic individualism and pluralism. It also examines Eastern thought (Confucianism and Taoism in particular) and pragmatism (Rorty in particular). The last part introduces Korean philosophy and some important Korean philosophers.

Lee believes that there is vital need for reassessing the eminent relevance of revitalized East Asian culture(s) to the contemporary world. It is with this conviction that he has written this important and timely book.

About the author

Kwang-Sae Lee is Professor of Philosophy at Kent State University. He holds a PhD from Yale University. Lee was interested mainly in analytic philosophy, philosophy of science, Kant, and the history of Western philosophy. His focus has gradually but ineluctably shifted to world philosophy. He has co-authored Cultures of East and West and penned many papers mainly on Kant and world philosophy. Lee lives in Kent, Ohio, with his wife.

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