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East Asia Observed: Selected Writings 1973-2021

This collection brings together themes in East Asian history, diplomacy, culture and politics written by J E Hoare since the early 1970s. His writings derive from his training as a historian, from his time as a Research Analyst in the British Foreign Office from 1969-2003, and from his experiences as a diplomat in the Republic of Korea (South Korea), the People’s Republic of China, and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea). The writings selected for this volume include academic papers, book reviews and some quasi-journalistic articles which reflect both historical research and analysis of current events and issues. The wide-ranging content speaks to the author’s specialist fields of interest including diplomacy, biography, extraterritoriality and architecture on which he has published extensively.

Dr. J.E. Hoare is a Honorary Research Associate, SOAS University of London, and an Associate Fellow in the Asia-Pacific Programme, Chatham House, London (RIIA).


  1. Captain Broughton, HMS Providence (and her tender) and his voyage to the Pacific 1794–98
  2. The ‘Bankoku Shimbun Affair’: Foreigners, the Press and Extraterritoriality in Early Modern Japan
  3. Japan undermines extraterritoriality: Extradition in Japan 1885–1899
  4. British Journalists in Meiji Japan
  5. The Tokyo Embassy, 1871–1945
  6. Captain Francis Brinkley (1842–1912): Yatoi, Scholar and Apologist
  7. William Keswick, 1835–1912: Jardine’s Pioneer in Japan
  8. The Era of the Unequal Treaties, 1858–99
  9. Ernest Cyril Comfort: The Other British Aviation Mission and Mitsubishi 1921–1924
  10. Korea, Taiwan and Manchuria: Britain’s Consular Service in the Japanese Empire, 1883–1941
  11. John Carey Hall (1844–1921): A Career in the Japan Consular Service
  12. Memories of the Past: The Legacy of Japan’s Treaty Ports
  13. The Centenary of Korea-British Diplomatic Relations: Aspects of British Interest and Involvement in Korea,1600–1983
  14. The Anglican Cathedral Seoul 1926–1986
  15. British Public opinion and the Korean War: A preliminary survey
  16. A Brush with History: Opening the British Embassy Pyongyang, 2001–02
  17. Potboiler Press: British Media and North Korea
  18. Reflections on North Korea: Myths and Reality
  19. Twenty Years a-Stagnating—The Lost Opportunity of Britain’s Relationship With the DPRK
  20. Building politics: The British Embassy Peking, 1949–1992
  21. Diplomacy in the East: Seoul, Beijing and Pyongyang 1981–2002
  22. Odd Arne Westad. The Global Cold War
  23. Charles Stephenson. Germany’s Asia-Pacific Empire: Colonialism and Naval Policy, 1885–1914
  24. Gordon Pirie. Air Empire: British Imperial Civil Aviation 1919–1939
  25. Margaret Hall. The Imperial Aircraft Flotilla: The Worldwide Fundraising Campaign for the British Flying Services in the First World War
  26. Richard T. Chang. The Justice of the Western Consular Courts in Nineteenth Century Japan
  27. Michael Auslin. Negotiating with Imperialism: The Unequal Treaties and Culture of Japanese Diplomacy
  28. Ian Nish. The Japanese in War and Peace 1942–1948: Selected Documents from a Translator’s In-tray
  29. Hugh Cortazzi, ed. Carmen Blacker – Scholar of Japanese Religions, Myth and Folklore: Writings and Reflections
  30. Christian Polak, ed., with Hugh Cortazzi. Georges Bigot and Japan 1882–1899: Satirist, Illustrator and Artist Extraordinaire
  31. Anthony Farrar-Hockley. The British Part in the Korean War. Vol. I: A Distant Obligation; Vol. II: An Honourable Discharge
  32. Erik Cornell. North Korea under Communism: Report of an Envoy in Paradise
  33. Valérie Gelézeau. Séoul, ville géante, cites radiuses
  34. Donald N. Clark. Living Dangerously: The Western Experience in Korea 1900–1950
  35. Jane Portal. Art under Control in North Korea
  36. Felix Abt. A Capitalist in North Korea: My Seven Years in the Hermit Kingdom
  37. Kevin O’Rourke. My Korea: 40 Years without a Horsehair Hat
  38. Arissa H. Oh. To Save the Children of Korea: The Cold War Origins of International Adoption
  39. Keith Howard. Songs for ‘Great Leaders’: Ideology and Creativity in North Korean Music and Dance
  40. Michael Lindsay. The Unknown War: North China 1937–1945
  41. P. D. Coates. The China Consuls
  42. Michael J. Moser and Yeone Wei-chih Moser. Foreigners within the Gates: The Legations at Peking
  43. Hsiao Li Lindsay. Bold Plum: With the Guerrillas in China’s War against Japan
  44. Hugh Baker. Ancestral Images: A Hong Kong Collection
  45. Robert Bickers and Isabella Jackson, eds., Treaty Ports in Modern China: Law, Land and Power
  46. Odd Arne Westad. Empire and Righteous Nation: 600 Years of China Korea Relations

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