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Environment, Politics, and Ideology in North Korea: Landscape as Political Project

From the publisher’s website:

Environmental and developmental matters have long proved key to North Korea’s “revolutionary” industrial and economic strategies. They have equally been important to Pyongyang’s diplomatic and geo-political efforts both during the Warsaw Pact period and in our contemporary era following the collapse of its supportive and collaborative partners. However, while environmental issues have been very important to North Korea, academic analysis and commentary addressing this field of governmental and institutional functionality has been almost entirely lacking.

This book fills this analytical void. Taking a narrative view of developmental approach throughout the political and ideological history of North Korea, Winstanley-Chesters first considers its impact on its landscapes and topographies in general throughout the era of the Kim dynasty. Second, in light of recent academic analysis suggesting North Korea as a space of Charismatic politics, the book focuses on the specificity of individual developmental sectors and projects, such as those addressing forestry and hydrology, seeking to trace general trends into these more particular environmental fields.

Robert Winstanley-Chesters is research fellow at Australian National University.


Chapter 1: Introduction: Nature as Heroic Participant in North Korea
Chapter 2: Juché and the Theorization of a Place of “Lived” Utopian Fulfillment
Chapter 3: Building a Landscape of “Lived” Utopia: Deforestation and Afforestation
Chapter 4: Building a Landscape of “Lived” Utopia: Tideland Reclamation
Chapter 5: Conclusion

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