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Four Contemporary Korean Plays

From the publisher’s website:

South Korean drama has received considerable attention in Europe and Asia, but, until recently, received only scant attention in the United States. This anthology contains early works (1989-1993) by one of Korea’s leading theatre artists. These works reflect the nature of Lee Yun Taek’s genius, his contributions to contemporary Korean theatre and the socio-political climate in South Korea during the release of his early works. They are indeed “brief chronicles of their time.”

The plays, Citizen KO-Gu: A Ceremony of DeathMask of Fire: Ceremony of Power; and The Dummy Bride: A Ceremony of Love, are a collection that illuminate such polarities as purity/depravity, madness/reason, power/impotence, life/death, and freedom/oppression. These polarities are clearly Korean in form and substance, but their subject matter and motifs are universal. An introductory essay addresses particular aspects of each drama with extensive notes accompanying each play, which include information about Korean society, culture, and history.

Translated by Dongwook Kim and Richard Nichols. Introduction by Richard Nichols

Table of Contents:

Part 1 Preface
Part 2 Acknowledgement
Part 3 Translator’s Note
Chapter 4 Introduction to Contemporary Korean Theatre: Its Context
Chapter 5 Lee Yun Taek: A Brief Biography
Chapter 6 Introduction to Citizen K
Chapter 7 Citizen K
Chapter 8 Introduction to O-Gu: A Ceremony of Death
Chapter 9 O-Gu
Chapter 10 Introduction to Mask of Fire: A Ceremony of Power
Chapter 11 Mask of Fire
Chapter 12 Introduction to The Dummy Bride: A Ceremony of Love
Chapter 13 The Dummy Bride
Part 14 Selected Bibliography

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