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Introduction to Korean Law

From the publisher’s website:

As a result of globalization, the barriers between countries are coming down. There is more interaction between countries than ever and mutual understanding and communication have become essential considerations. In such an atmosphere, the Korea Legislation Research Institute has published this book to spread awareness of outstanding Korean law and of its legal system throughout the globe, as the authoritative sources of legal information for other countries.

This book explains Korean law in nine chapters that focus on its distinguishing aspects. The nine authors who have participated are all prominent scholars who have contributed their expertise to the project.


  • Overview | Kipyo Kim
  • Constitutional Law | Jongcheol Kim
  • The Role of Administrative Law in Economic Development and Democracy in Korea | Hamyoung Jeong
  • Civil Law and Civil Procedural Law | Youngjoon Kwon
  • Criminal Law and Procedure | Kwoncheol Lee
  • Commercial Law | Chanho Park
  • Economic Law: Focusing on the Monopoly Regulation and Fair Trade Act | Youngsu Shin
  • Labour Law | Jaejin Shim
  • Private International Law | Hongsik Chung

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