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Korea through Western Eyes

From the back cover:

Western Perceptions and Modernization 1882 – 1905

The authors bring the characters involved in this important period of Korean history to life and place them both within their contemporary context as well as their broader long-term setting. There are stories of bravery and dedication, but also of greed and selfishness and all of them put together make a compelling story. In particular, it is clear that while there was much naivety amount both foreign and Korean communities, Korea at the time was a vibrant country, full of potential.
Martin Uden, British Ambassador in Seoul and author of Times Past in Korea

If Seoul’s vast expatriate community ever wonder what their nineteenth century predecessors were like, they should turn to this new book for enlightenment. Drawing on a wide range of published and unpublished material, the authors tell the story of the early years of foreign residence in Korea thought a series of vignettes that are both entertaining and informative. Some stories are well-known, others will come as a surprise even to those who have studied the period. Korea through Western Eyes is an important and entertaining account of the human side of the West’s encounter with Korea.
James E Hoare, author of Embassies in the East: The Story of the British and their Embassies in China, Japan and Korea.

Korea through Western Eyes is an impressive collection of stories of all facets of Korean life., It should be a fascinating book not only to foreigners with an interest in Korea but also to many Koreans who would enjoy learning about the lives of their forefathers as seen by foreign visitors one hundred years ago.
Song-hyon Jang, Former President of the Royal Asiatic Society, Korea Branch, and co-author of Mastering Business in Korea: a Practical Guide.


The Coming of Modernization

Mollendorff and the Entrance of Modernization
Joseph Rosenbaum’s Shattered Dreams
The First Rickshaws in Korea
The Korean Postal System
The Pearl
The Introduction of Electricity
The Failed Military Advisor
Photographs and Baby Riots
The American Gold Mining Debacle
The Seoul Electric Railway Company

Life in Korea

Housing and Servants
Doctors, Disease and Death
Christmas in Korea and Winter Follies
The Christmas Pariah
The New Year’s Holiday
Gambling in Korea
Tobacco and Pipes
A Pandora’s Box of Social Ills
Animal Companionship
When Tigers Stalked Korea

Tales of Chemulpo

Stripling and Chemulpo’s Customs Service
The First Yankee Merchant in Korea
Charles H. Cooper, Magnate of Chemulpo
The Spanish Rose
Remembering the Edgar
Murder in the Land of the Morning Calm

Perceptions and the Press

The Walking Show in Korea
Western Women
Korean Prince Charming Woos America
The American Empress

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