A Genealogy of Dissent: The Progeny of Fallen Royals in Chosŏn Korea

From the publisher’s website: In early modern Korea, the Chosŏn state conducted an extermination campaign against the Kaesŏng Wang, descendants of the preceding Koryŏ dynasty. It was so thorough that most of today’s descendants are related to a single survivor. Before long, however, the Chosŏn dynasty sought to bolster its legitimacy as the successor of […]

A Family of No Prominence: The Descendants of Pak Tŏkhwa and the Birth of Modern Korea

From the publisher’s website: Koreans are known for their keen interest in genealogy and inherited ancestral status. Yet today’s ordinary Korean would be hard pressed to explain the whereabouts of ancestors before the twentieth century. With A Family of No Prominence, Eugene Y. Park gives us a remarkable account of a nonelite family, that of Pak […]

A New History of Korea

From the publisher’s website: The first English-language history of Korea to appear in more than a decade, this translation offers Western readers a distillation of the latest and best scholarship on Korean history and culture from the earliest times to the student revolution of 1960. The most widely read and respected general history, A New […]

Korea Old and New: A History

From the publisher’s website: This full-scale presentation of the general history of Korea not only provides a detailed treatment of the post-1945 period, but describes at length the traditional historical–cultural milieu from which modern Korea has developed. This century has witnessed a multiplicity of both domestic and external factors that have resulted either in tendentious […]

Korea’s Place in the Sun: A Modern History

From the publisher’s website: “Passionate, cantankerous, and fascinating. Rather like Korea itself.” –Nicholas D. Kristof, New York Times Book Review Korea has endured a “fractured, shattered twentieth century,” and this updated edition brings Bruce Cumings’s leading history of the modern era into the present. The small country, overshadowed in the imperial era, crammed against great powers […]

James Scarth Gale and His History of the Korean People

A new edition of the classic English-language history of Korea first published in 1927. It has been extensively annotated by Bishop Rutt with reference to sources and including commentary and bibiography. It is introduced by an extensive and, to date, the only biography of Dr. Gale, a towering scholar in the early days of Western […]

A History of Korea

Publisher description: “A History of Korea” is a product of a particular moment in South Korean social and political history, published in the aftermath of the popular resistance movements of the late 1980s that brought an end to military dictatorship and ushered in direct elections for the presidency of South Korea. The historians of the […]

A History of Korea (Macmillan Essential Histories)

Publisher description: This accessible and engaging new edition continues to be one of the leading introductory textbooks on Korean history. Fully revised throughout, the author takes a thematic and chronological approach to guide readers from early state formation and the dynastic eras to the modern experience. Episodic accounts in each chapter are discussed in context […]

Everlasting Flower: A History of Korea

Publisher description: South Korea – a democratic high-tech Asian Tiger and flamboyant host of the 2002 World Cup; North Korea – a secretive dictatorship on Bush’s notorious ‘axis of evil’, with a controversial nuclear program and a poverty-stricken population. These two Koreas seem worlds apart, separated along the 38th parallel by the last active ‘cold […]