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Dress History of Korea: Critical Perspectives on the Primary Sources

Bringing together a wealth of primary sources and with contributions from leading experts, Korean Dress History presents the most recent approaches to the interpretation of Korean dress. Through close analysis of an impressive range of visual, written, and material sources―some newly excavated or recently re-discovered in global museums―the book reveals how Korean clothing and accessories evolved from the Three Kingdoms to the modern era.

Interdisciplinary authors discuss the close relation of Korean bodily adornments to political and economic history and place Korean dress within broader contexts such as material culture, colonization, and cultural appropriation. As in other cultures, modern Korean clothing owes many of its styles to historic dress and this process of adaptation is explored within high fashion and popular culture contexts in ways that benefit historians and curators alike.

With contributions from dress and jewelry historians, as well as specialists of art history and visual culture, Korean Dress History makes key material newly available to non-Korean speakers. This is the indispensable guide to the study of Korean dress.

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  1. Making Dress History in the Context of Primary Sources, Kyunghee Pyun

Part 1: Primary Sources – Historiography and Chronological Reviews

  1. Identity and Fashion in the Ancient Dress of Korea, Minjee Kim
  2. Goryeo (918 – 1392): Dress in Literature, Bulbokjang, and Visual Arts, Jaeyoon Yi
  3. Reading Fashion of Joseon (1392 – 1910): Textual Sources with Clothing Illustrations, Ga Young Park
  4. Scholarly Discourses on Fashion Change in Late Joseon, Lee Talbot
  5. Joseon Portraiture Paintings for Dress and Fashion, Gilhong Min
  6. Bodily Ornaments in Korean Archaeology and Dress History, Kyeongmi Joo
  7. Shift of Worldview: Changes of Dress in Korea, 1870s – 1910s, Kyungmee Lee
  8. Magazines and Photographs for Fashion History of Korea, Yunah Lee

Part 2: Case Studies – Museum Practice, Tourism, and Costume Design

  1. Chulto boksik (Excavated Dress) and the Collection at Chungbuk National University Museum, In-woo Chang
  2. Collection and Exhibition of Dress at the Seok Juseon Memorial Museum, Myung-eun Lee
  3. Acquisition of Reproduction and Identification of Mystery Items: Case Studies in Scotland, Rosina Buckland & Minjee Kim
  4. Hanbok and Korean Identity: An Anthropological View, Millie Creighton & Elias Alexander
  5. Costuming Korean Period Dramas, Minjung E. Lee

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