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Korean Immigrants from Latin America: Fitting into Multiethnic New York

Publisher: , 2021
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Korean Immigrants from Latin America explores the migration and resettlement experiences of Koreans from Latin America now residing in the New York metropolitan area. It uses interview data from 102 Korean secondary migrants from Latin America to explore the religious, familial, economic, and educational dimensions of their migration and resettlement processes in the U.S. As Korean and Latino immigrants share increasingly close interactions with each other in various urban settings, these Korean remigrants can serve as links between Korean and Spanish speakers as well as liaisons among diverse groups. This book shows a surprising degree of diversity within the seemingly homogenous Korean population in the U.S. and demonstrates the unacknowledged linguistic and cultural differences among them.

Jin Suk Bae is research professor at the Academy of Mobility Humanities at Konkuk University in Seoul, Korea.

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Introduction: Korean New Yorkers from Latin America
Chapter One: Korean Diasporic Religious Connections and Interracial Relations
Chapter Two: Feeding with Clothes: Koreans in the Garment Industry
Chapter Three: “So, It’s All Good.”: Education, Family, and Class Mobility among Korean Remigrants from Latin America
Chapter Four: Se Habla Español: Migration, Language, and Multiethnic New York
Conclusion: Old and New Links: “We Met Here.”

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