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Korean International Students and the Making of Racialized Transnational Elites

By examining privileged and highly skilled Asian migrants, such as international students who acquire legal permanent residency in the United States, this book registers and traces these transnational figures as racialized transnational elites and illuminates the intersectionality and reconfiguration of race, class, ethnicity, and nationality. Using in-depth interviews with Korean international students in New York City and Koreans in South Korea as a case study, this book argues that racialized transnational elites are embedded in racial and ethnic dynamics in the United States as well as in class and nationalist conflicts with non-migrant co-ethnics in the sending country. Sung-Choon Park further argues that strategic responses to the local, social dynamics shape transnational practices such as diaspora-building, transfer of knowledge, conversion of cultural capital, and cross-border communication about race, causing heterogeneous social consequences in both societies.

Sung-Choon Park teaches sociology at New York City College of Technology, CUNY.

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Chapter One: Global Academic Hierarchy and Transnational Social Reproduction
Chapter Two: Imperialist Racial Formation and English Language
Chapter Three: A Balancing Act of Ethnic Dis/Identification Intersecting Class and Race
Chapter Four: Conflicts over Conversion of Cultural Capital and Transfer of Knowledge
Chapter Five: International Students’ Cross-Border Transmission and Translation about Race and Racism
Chapter Six: New Diasporic Nationalism as the Politics of Racialized Transnational Elites
Chapter Seven: Digitally-Mediated Transnational Lives and Tactical Uses of New Media

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