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Korean Shamanism: Revivals, Survivals and Change

Publisher description:

A thoroughly readable collection of critical research from prominent scholars in the fields of anthropology, religion, history, and the arts. Koreans, virtually alone in the world, have kept the ancient traditional religion of shamanism alive at a time of massive industrialization, modernization and Westernization.

SOAS adds:

Chapters developed from presentations at the symposium on Korean shamanism organised at SOAS and the Victoria and Albert Museum, London, in December 1992. Historical and theoretical considerations of shamanism are coupled to accounts of music, dance, gender, and initiation.

LKL adds:

Best acquired direct from the RASKB, where you can pick it up for around KRW25,000. Second-hand prices on Amazon are extortionate.

The collection contains the following essays:

Alexandre Guillemoz: What do the Naerim Mudang from Seoul learn?
Boudewijn Walraven: Interpretations and Reinterpretations of Popular Religion in the last decades of the Joseon Dynasty
Grayson, James H: Christianity and Korean religions: Accommodation as an aspect of the implantation of a world religion
Howard, Keith: Korean Shamanism Today
Howard, Keith: Preserving the Spirits? Rituals, State sponsorship and Performance
Hyun-key Kim Hogarth: Trance and Possession Trance in the Perspective of Korean Shamanism
Janice CH Kim: Processes of Feminine Power: Shamans in Central Korea
Judy van Zile: Movement in Shamanic Contexts: An Inquiry
Kendall, Laurel: The Shaman’s Journey: Real and Ideal in a living folk tradition
Kim Seong-nae: Problems in defining shaman types and local variations
Kim Tae-gon: What is Korean Shamanism?

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