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Shamanism: The Spirit World of Korea

From the publisher’s website:

A series of psychological and anthropological studies about the oldest and the most fascinating religious tradition of Korea.


  1. Acknowledgments – R. Guisso
  2. Preface – CS. Yu and R. Guisso
  3. Korean Shamanism – A Bibliographical Introduction – Kim In-hoe Tr. Yoo Young-sik
  4. An Introduction to Korean Shamanism – Chang Chu-kun Tr. Yoo Young-sik
  5. A Correlation of the Ancient Religions of Japan and Korea – Chang Chu-kun
  6. Shamanism and the Korean World-View, Family Life-cycle, Society and Social life – Hahm Pyong-choon
  7. Korean Taoism and Shamanism – Chai-Shin Yu
  8. Regional Characteristics of Korean Shamanism – Kim Tae-gon Tr. Yi Yu-jin
  9. Kut and the Treatment of Mental Disorders – Kim Kwang-il: Tr. Suh Kik-on, Im Hye-young
  10. Role Playing Through Trance Possession in Korean Shamanism – Yi Du-hyun
  11. Glossary of Shamanistic Terms
  12. Index

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