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Mixed Korean: Our Stories

From the Mixed Race Studies website:

From the struggles of the Korean War, to the modern dilemmas faced by those who are mixed race, comes an assortment of stories that capture the essence of what it is to be a mixed Korean. With common themes of exclusion, and recollections of not looking Korean enough, black enough, white enough, or “other” enough, this powerful collection features works by award-winning authors Alexander Chee, Michael Croley, Heinz Insu Fenkl, alongside pieces composed by prominent writers, poets and scholars. Interwoven between known literary names, are the voices of newcomers with poignant memories that have never been captured before. Collectively, these stories will resonate with anyone who has ever stood on the outside of a group, longing for inclusion. They are a testament to the courage, strength and resilience of mixed people everywhere.

Table of contents

The Timed Exam | Robert Ricardo Reese
Mom’s Love in a Breakfast Bowl | Joel Peterson
Beautiful Shirts | Heinz Insu Fenkl
Size M.I.A. | Jasmine Park
The Underside of the Rainbow | Meeky
Inseverable | Paul Lee Cannon
The Long Road | Paul Howe
Umma’s Dreams Fulfilled | Jan Kim
Growing Up in Korea | Lily Lee Lu
A Broken Prayer Answered | Danny Korsmo
nine genealogies (of un/belonging) | Patti Duncan
A Strange Bird | Vår Benum
Mixed but Whole | Michelle Hussey
Chosun One | Bella Siegel-Dalton
Seoul Reflections: Yesterday and Today | Lee Lambert
Cross-pollination: An interview with the Honorable Judge July Preddy Draper | Eugenia Kim
Korea Plowing through American Veins | Albertha Schmid
What Are the Odds? A Memorial to Noel | Katherine Kim
Tiger Mom vs Mean Mommy | Peggy Rose Webster
Falling into Fear | Michael Croley
Half Korean: My Story | Tanneke Beudeker
The Past Is Always Present | Nancy Cho Auvil
Outside, Looking In | Sophie Harbert
Salt | Milton Washington
My History Is a Mystery | Sarah Harris
Belonging | Katie Schell
The Embracing and Fumbling of Two Cultures | Nancy Blackman
Above the Silence: An Interview with Estelle Cooke-Sampson, MD | Eugenia Kim
Girl Child | Anonymous
A Hypnotic Exposé | Cerrissa Kim
Mother Tongues | Sora Kim-Russell
Halfbreed Blues | Sajin Kwok
Thursday’s Child | Katherine Kim
Dear Umma | Yuri Doolan
The Yellow Bus | Kim Einhorn
White, or Something Like It | Sonja Swanson
The Blind Girl | Blair King
From the Window Seat You Can See Forever | Victoria Namkung
OG | Alexander Chee

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