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Pachappa Camp: The First Koreatown in the United States

Through new research and materials, Edward T. Chang proves in Pachappa Camp: The First Koreatown in the United States that Dosan Ahn Chang Ho established the first Koreatown in Riverside, California in early 1905. Chang reveals the story of Pachappa Camp and its roots in the diasporic Korean community’s independence movement efforts for their homeland during the early 1900s and in the lives of the residents. Long overlooked by historians, Pachappa Camp studies the creation of Pachappa Camp and its place in Korean and Korean American history, placing Korean Americans in Riverside at the forefront of the Korean American community’s history.

Edward T. Chang is professor of ethnic studies and founding director of the Young Oak Kim Center for Korean American Studies at the University of California at Riverside.

Source: publisher’s website

Chapter One: First Encounter: Analysis of First Vision of Ahn Chang Ho in America
Chapter Two: Independence Movement and Korean National Association
Chapter Three: Korean Mission and Hakyo
Chapter Four: Pachappa Families
Chapter Five: Last Journey to America: The Deportation of Dosan Ahn Chang Ho (1924-1926)
Chapter Six: Point of Cultural Interest and Dosan Statue

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