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Sueño and Bascom mystery series

Publisher: , 2003
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Publisher description:

Sergeant George Sueño and his partner, Ernie Bascom, are stationed in Korea with the US 8th Army in the 1970s. They investigate crimes in which US Army personnel might have been involved. Meanwhile, George, who is very interested in Korea and its culture, does what he can to soften everyone’s bad opinion of Americans in Korea.

Martin Limón retired from military service after twenty years in the US Army, including ten years in Korea. He is the author of fourteen Sueño and Bascom investigations: Jade Lady BurningSlicky BoysBuddha’s MoneyThe Door to BitternessThe Wandering GhostGI BonesMr. KillThe Joy BrigadeThe Iron SickleThe Ville RatPing-Pong HeartThe Nine-Tailed Fox, The Line, and GI Confidential, as well as the short story collection Nightmare Range. He lives near Seattle.

  1. Jade Lady Burning (2003)
  2. Slicky Boys (2004)
  3. Buddha’s Money (2005)
  4. Door To Bitterness (2005)
  5. The Wandering Ghost (2008)
  6. G.I. Bones (2009)
  7. Mr. Kill (2011)
  8. The Joy Brigade (2012)
  9. Nightmare Range (2013)
  10. The Iron Sickle (2014)
  11. Ville Rat (2015)
  12. Ping Pong Heart (2016)
  13. Nine-Tailed Fox (2017)
  14. The Line (2018)
  15. G.I. Confidential (2019)

LKL says:

These books, featuring the ass-kicking military detectives George Sueño and Ernie Bascom, are an absolute blast. Perfect holiday reading.

LKL rating: score-2score-2score-2score-2score-0. Read our review of this book here.

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