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The Imjin War: Japan’s Sixteenth-Century Invasion of Korea and Attempt to Conquer China

Publisher information:

In May of 1592 Japanese dictator Toyotomi Hideyoshi dispatched a gargantuan invasion army from Kyushu to Pusan on Korea’s southern tip. Its objective: to conquer Korea, then China and then the whole of Asia. The resulting seven years of fighting, known in Korea as imjin waeran, the “Imjin invasion,” after the year of the water dragon in which it began, involved 300,000 combatants and claimed more than two million lives. It dwarfed any contemporary conflict in Europe and was one of the most devastating wars to grip East Asia on the past thousand years. The Imjin War is the most comprehensive account ever published in English of this cataclysmic event, so little known in the West.

Co-published by the Royal Asiatic Society, Seoul, and the Institute of East Asian Studies Press, UC Berkeley, 2005; reissued in paperback by Conquistador Press, 2014

LKL adds: the Conquistador edition is readily available at Amazon and is good value for money, but it lacks a set of photographs in the centre of the book, which are included in the RASKB’s first (hardback) edition, available from the RASKB priced KRW45,000.

LKL says:

An incredibly engrossing read. It’s nearly 700 pages long and I wish it was twice as long.

LKL rating: score-2score-2score-2score-2score-2. Read our review of this book here.

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