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The Sister

Publisher: , 2023
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The onset of Covid-19 has coincided with the dramatic rise of a young woman called Kim Yo Jong in North Korea. Stomping the world stage from the shadows of her secretive state, she is creating headlines and fevered speculation about her role and her future. She is the sister of Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un and, as her murderous regime’s chief propagandist, internal administrator and foreign policymaker, she is the most powerful woman in North Korea’s history. Cruel but charming, she threatens and insults foreign leaders with sardonic wit. A princess by birth with great expectations for her macabre kingdom, she was brought up to believe it is her mission to reunite North Korea with the South, or die trying. She’s pretty, she seems demure, she is cold, and she’s incredibly dangerous.

The Sister is a fascinating, authoritative account of the mysterious world of North Korea and its ruling dynasty – a family whose lust for power entails torturing and starving its people into submission, killing dissenters, and threatening nuclear war.

Source: publisher’s website

Hope they manage to fix the typo on the front cover before they launch it…

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