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North Korean Women in Power: Daughters of the Sun

Publisher: , 2022
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North Korean Women in Power is the first field report on North Korea written by a South Korean woman reporter in English. Chun Su-jin, who refers to herself as a “Korean-Korean (South Korean nationality with a North Korean heritage),” introduces four North Korean women who make Chairman Kim Jong-un complete—the one and only blood to Chairman Kim, Kim Yo-jong; the First Lady with pride and dignity, Ri Sol-ju; a seasoned career diplomat, Choe Son-hui; and a de facto protocol officer, Hyun Song-wol.

North Korea is a small, isolated country ruled by the authoritarian leader Kim Jong-un. They have locked the door and claim that they have nuclear weapons. Then they keep sending signals to the world—mainly to the United States and South Korea—by making statements and shooting missiles. So it may be inevitable for North Korea to be considered an incomprehensible strange country. But Chun tells us that they need to be properly understood for the safety and security of the world and the key to understand this hermit kingdom is the people who move the regime: the leader Kim Jong-un and his female entourage.

There are quite a few books on North Korea, but not from a Korean-Korean. This book is the first of its kind from South Korean point of view targeting English-speaking readership. This is the product of the author’s nearly 20 years of experience meeting and writing about North Korea. She has talked to tens of dozens of sources for this book alone, not to mention many others she met while working as a news reporter. This book will allow readers develop more interest and understanding the enigmatic country and its people.

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Chapter 1 Why You Should Care
Chapter 2 The Birth of “New Women”: In Revolution We Trust
Chapter 3 Hail the Giggly Princess
Chapter 4 Meet the First Lady à la Pyongyang
Chapter 5 The Third Dear Leader’s Self-made Female Entourage
-Choe Son-hui: Seasoned Career Diplomat Who Called U.S. Officials “Garbage”
-Hyun Song-wol: Once Rumored to Be the Dear Leader’s First Love
Chapter 6 When a South Korean Female Reporter Met a North Korean Official

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