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Tradition and Creativity in Korean Taegŭm Flute Performance

Publisher: , 2021
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Tradition and Creativity in Korean Taegŭm Flute Performance describes the taegŭm as a representation of Korean culture in the contemporary world. Through the development and performance of creative works, this horizontal bamboo flute reflects both tradition and contemporary creativity. The first part of the book outlines the historical background of the taegŭm. The author illuminates the potential future of the Korean flute in a globalised world through the analyses of three musical works for taegŭm. The second part of the book draws on approaches of Practice Research within ethnomusicology and sociology to examine the ways in which the taegŭm tradition interacts with, and responds to, different genres in performance. Documenting collaborative encounters with musicians from three musical cultures: jazz, Western art and electroacoustic music, the result is an innovative exploration of the musical and social relationships between composers, performers and audiences in intercultural performances, contrasting traditional uses of the taegŭm with perspectives on its use today.

Dr Hyelim Kim is a world-renowned traditional Korean taegum performer and academic, who is a Visiting Research Fellow, Bath Spa University (UK).

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  • Learner’s Position
  • Performer’s Position

History and Background of the Taegŭm

  • History of the Taegŭm
  • Court and Folk Taegŭm
  • Notations for the Taegŭm

The Contemporary Practices of the Taegŭm

  • Nationalism and Orientalism
  • Orientalism and Korean Traditional Music
  • Nationalism and Korean Traditional music

Music Analysis I: Youngdong Kim

  • Sŏn: Zen’
  • Manp’a shik chŏk

Music Analysis II: Sukhi Kang

  • Manp’a

Music Analysis III: Sngkn Kim

  • ‘Sujech’ŏn
  • Taegŭm Quartet 2006

Performance I: Jazz

  • The History of Korean Jazz
  • Collaboration with Simon Barker

Performance II: Western Art Music

  • Composer, Dae-seong Kim
  • Universal Gestures in Nongŭm

Performance III: Electroacoustics

  • Improvisation
  • The Sori Art Project
  • ‘Pojagi


  • Interviews
  • Bibliography
  • Chronicles/Annals
  • Discography

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