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Unusual Footnotes to the Korean War

Publisher: , 2013
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A ‘forgotten war’ in modern history, the Korean War is rarely given much recognition or studied in detailed. In fact, it was one of the bloodiest conflicts of the 20th century, a deadly clash of world-views as the UN allied itself with South Korea against the massed ranks of North Korean armies backed by Communist China.

In this book, Paul Edwards presents a fresh look at the Korean War, focusing on a number of unusual events that happened during the conflict. Beginning with a look at the war itself, Edwards goes onto tell the stories of the Salvation Army band that disappeared; UFO sightings; the Pulitzer Prize winning journalist, Maggie Higgins, and her battle to report in Korea as an equal with her male counterparts; and an operation to rescue orphan children.

It also provides a fascinating look at the propaganda materials dropped over Korea by both sides. This miscellany of the war allows readers to dip in and out of this e-book only title, a perfect e-book for the daily commute.

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Table of Contents

  1. The Western Disturbance at Shinmi
  2. The Salvation Army Boys’ Band
  3. MacArthur’s Nemesis
  4. The Pregnant Perch
  5. The Beacon at Palmi-do
  6. Top Secret or Common Knowledge
  7. The Rakkasan’s Jump
  8. Operation Yo Yo
  9. The Dam Busters
  10. “Mules”
  11. Operation Kiddie Car
  12. The Miracle Ship
  13. Operation Moolah
  14. The Saint from Pilsen, Kansas
  15. The Bridge at Funchilin Pass
  16. Seoul City Sue
  17. Paper Bullets
  18. The Airborne Nightingale
  19. The Prisoners’ Olympics
  20. Operation Broken Reed
  21. Dirty Work at Koje-do
  22. Unidentified Flying Objects Over Korea
  23. Piracy on the High Seas
  24. Operation Fishnet
  25. Rescuing Jesse
  26. The Plague of Propaganda
  27. Storm Troopers in Korea
  28. Nuke ’em
  29. Everready, Just in Case
  30. They Eventually Came Home
  31. The Axe Murders
  32. The Partisans
  33. The Tragedy of the USS Pueblo

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