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Women of Japan and Korea: Continuity and Change

From the publisher’s website:

This collection presents new research on the changing roles of women in Japan and Korea. At a time when women in these two countries are becoming more politically and socially prominent, these essays provide insight into the clashes that have arisen between tradition and change. The contributors compare similarities and differences in the two cultures, considering family life, education, health care, work, reproductive and legal rights, and political participation, including the rise of women’s movements in Asia and the battle against sexism and gender stereotyping. Essays written by Japanese and Korean women, leading social scientists and practitioners, illuminate the current political, economic, and social status of women in Japan and Korea.


1. Introduction – Joyce Gelb and Marian Lief Palley

Part I: Japanese Women
2. Women and the Family in Transition in Postindustrial Japan – Chizuko Ueno
3. Women’s Education and Gender Roles in Japan – Kumiko Fujimura-Fanselow and Atsuko Kameda
4. Abortion and Women’s Reproductive Rights: The State of Japanese Women, 1947-1991 – Miho Ogino
5. Women Workers in Japan: Past, Present, Future – Eiko Shinotsuka
6. Obstacles and Opportunities: Women and Political Participation in Japan – Kimiko Kubo and Joyce Gelb
7. A Short History of the Feminist Movement in Japan – Sandra Buckley

Part II: Korean Women
8. Six Barriers to Equality for Women in Korea – Elizabeth Choi
9. Overcoming Confucian Barriers: Changing Educational Opportunities for Women in Korea – Ho Kyung Won
10. Korean Women’s Groups, Social Movements, and Health – Lisa Kim Davis
11. Women Workers in a Changing Korean Society – Roh Mihye
12. Agenda for Social Reform: Women’s Political Participation in Sough Korea – Sohn Bong Scuk
13. Feminism in a Confucian Society: The Women’s Movement in Korea – Marian Lief Palley

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