Lonesome Jar

Translator’s note: “Lonesome Jar” is a collection of 20 short fables expressing wisdom about life. These beautiful editions of translations of Jeong Ho-seung’s “children’s stories for grown-ups” benefit from the illustrations from the Korean editions. Contents: Author’s Preface • 5 | A Hangari Jar • 13 | Lovebirds • 22 | Flood Tide and Ebb […]

Trees on the Cliff: a novel of Korea and two stories

Hwang Sun-won (1915-2000) is one of modern Korea’s masters of narrative prose. Trees on a Slope (1960) is his most accomplished novel: one of the few Korean novels to describe in detail the physical and psychological horrors of the Korean War. It is an assured, forceful depiction of three young soldiers in the South Korean […]

The Stars and other Korean short stories

Bruce Fulton describes this collection as a “good sampling of a consummate short story writer; includes an excellent introduction.” in his article on The Korean War and Beyond, in Modern Korean Fiction in Asianstudies.org. Contains the following stories: A Matter of Custom A Numerical Enigma An Old Man’s Birthday Coarse Sand Conch Shells The Calf […]

Chocolate Friend and Other Stories

With vivid imagery, inventive writing style and keen perception, Han Malsook captures the multicasted interiority of alienated human beings, in particular, the psychology of contemporary women in the postwar setting. Her major work, “A Precipice of Myth” (Sinhwaui danae, 1960) utilizes existentialist perspective to probe the damaged psychology of a woman whose denial of conventional […]

In the Depths

The reading public of Korea was amazed when a reclusive housewife Moo-Sook Hahn “whisked away” the first prize in a contest for novel writing sponsored by a literary magazine in the early 1940’s with A Woman with a Lantern. Ever since, novelist Hahn received one literary prize or award after another including the Freedom Literature Award […]

The Wings

The three stories gathered in this volume display Yi Sang’s inventive manipulation of autobiographical elements, a method which expands his intensely private narratives into broader meditations on love, life, and death. “The Wings,” a dark allegory of infidelity and self-deception, probes the ambiguities of perception and language through an unreliable narrator who bears an uncanny […]

The Camellias

Includes three stories: The Camellias The Scorching Heat A Wanderer in the Valleys

The Last Of Hanako

Includes two stories: The Last Of Hanako The Gray Snowman

Drifting House

A haunting and unforgettable debut spanning the last seventy years of Korean history, including the BBC Short Story Prize shortlisted story ‘The Goose Father’. Alternating between the lives of Koreans struggling through seventy years of turbulent, post-World War II history in their homeland and the communities of Korean immigrants grappling with assimilation in the United […]

The Cry Of The Magpies

“The Cry of the Magpies” is one of Kim, Dong-ni’s most famous and widely read short stories. From the depressing condition of life represented in the story by combining poverty, war, chronic illness, and hopelessness emerges various intensified forms of love, desire and longing. The cry of magpies, which is believed to foretell either the […]

Hong Gildong

This book includes two short stories by South Korean writer Seo Hajin: “Hong Gildong” and “The Woodcutter and the Nymph.” In “Hong Gildong,” Seo draws from an early Korean tale to tell the story of a man wading through a midlife crisis. After seeing a psychiatrist, he seeks release from his present condition and wishes […]

A Man

No synopsis available. Contains the stories: A Man Bibari The Dog of Crossover Village / Dogs in the Village beyond Hills

The Cloudburst (Bi-lingual, Vol 106 – Korea After the Korean War)

Rain Shower, also called Shower in English, 0r Sonagi (in Romanized Korean), is a short story written by Hwang Sun-won in 1959 (Hwang also wrote the seminal novel The Descendants of Cain – a horrific story of greed and betrayal). Sonagi is a brief but a heavy rain shower that suddenly comes down usually on […]

Chinatown (Modern Korean Short Stories)

Can’t find anywhere online who the translators are. According to Charles Montgomery this volume contains seven stories by Oh Jung-hee, including “the excellent Brass Mirror and as the only overlapping work [with the Jimoondang publication] is Chinatown it is probably worth getting both volumes.”