A look back at the 2018 literary year

A look back at the books and literary events of the year – and a summary of my reading diary. Literature in translation In translated fiction, my reading this year has not managed anywhere near to keep pace with the amount of translations being published. I know I said the same in respect of 2017 […]

Manhwa – the colours of Korean comics: three weeks of Manhwa at the KCC and Foyles

Three years ago we had an interesting exhibition at the KCC celebrating 100 years of Korean manhwa. November’s exhibition returns to the manhwa theme, with five prominent artists coming to London. Manhwa – Korean Story & Painting 2012, The Colours of Korean Comics 2012 Manhwa Art Exhibition : The Colour of Change at Korean Cultural […]

The depiction of famine in North Korean comics

A reminder of this Friday’s talk at SOAS: A New Deal: comic story representations of food issues in post-famine North Korea Speaker: Martin Petersen (University of Copenhagen) Date: 25 November 2011, 5:00 – 7:00 PM Venue: Russell Square, College Building, Room G50 Abstract In the mid to late 1990s North Korea went through a famine […]

A manhwa artist at war

The Manhwa exhibition at the Korean Cultural Centre finished this week, in preparation for the new Living Heritage exhibition. It was an interesting exhibition, giving some of the history of manhwa from its beginnings in early twentieth century newspapers, to the graphic novels which are avidly consumed today and which form a major part of […]

The Manhwa 100 Workshop

Celebrating a Centenary of Korean Comics The Korean Cultural Centre Tuesday 23rd June 2009 ‘Finding Your Own Way’ With Damian Gascoigne As a culmination of this summer’s centenary celebrations of Manhwa at the Korean Cultural Centre UK, we are proud to announce that the guest speaker for The Manhwa 100 Workshop will be established illustrator; […]

Ragnarok – one of Korea’s top manhwa

Manhwa in Korea was born 100 years ago. From their beginnings as cartoons in the newspapers, they have grown into long-running graphic novel serials with spin-offs in online games and big screen adaptations. Among the most celebrated of modern Manhwa series are Priest (Hyung Min-woo) and Ragnarok (Lee Myung-jin). Both of these have been translated […]

100 years of Manhwa at the KCC

Korea Creative Content Agency (KOCCA) and Korean Cultural Centre (KCC) UK celebrate the centenary of Korean comics ‘Manhwa’ with a host of interrelated special exhibitions, events and film screenings, 21 May – 24 June 2009. Special Exhibitions Manhwa: A Language of Unlimited Imaginations Manhwa celebrates its 100th anniversary in 2009. This popular art form holds […]