Recently published books on Korean film

Having done my list of upcoming fiction titles, I’ve been working on a similar list of upcoming non-fiction. But in compiling the non-fiction list I’ve identified several titles that slipped under the radar towards the end of last year. Three of them relate to film. No doubt, following all the buzz about Parasite, there will […]

New and upcoming non-fiction titles for 2019

Unlike my list that attempts to compile upcoming literature and fiction titles, here I’ve had to be selective in what to include, otherwise the length of this post would be unmanageable. Nevertheless I’ve almost certainly missed out some titles that I’d want to have on my bookshelf. I’ve divided the list into seven sections: Literature […]

New and upcoming non-fiction titles for 2018

Too many books, not enough time to read them, or space to store them. Encouragingly, in a skim of the upcoming publication lists I had no problems finding plenty of books on a wide range of interesting topics. No longer it seems is the reading public (or the publishers’ perception thereof) solely interested in that […]

Double book review: two takes on Shin Sang-ok

Paul Fischer: A Kim Jong-il Production Penguin / Viking 2015, 353pp Steven Chung: Split Screen Korea – Shin Sang-ok and Postwar Cinema University of Minnesota Press 2014, 262pp The story of actress Choi Eun-hee and Shin Sang-ok combines elements of both romance and thriller as well as representing important phases in the history of film […]

Chung Hye-seung’s monograph on Kim Ki-duk is a must-read, and readable, study of Korea’s maverick director

Chung Hye-seung: Kim Ki-duk (Contemporary Film Directors series) University of Illinois Press, 2012, 161pp When is the right time to publish a monograph on a living film director? With the KOFIC collection of books, the schedule appears more driven by wanting to get a complete set of directors covered as soon as possible. For a […]

Kyung-hyun Kim’s Virtual Hallyu: more approachable than Remasculinization, but still tough going

Kyung-hyun Kim: Virtual Hallyu — Korean Cinema of the Global Era Duke University Press Books, 2011. 280pp On Planet Deleuze, a world in a parallel universe inhabited by hyper-intelligent philosophers, psychoanalysts and cultural studies scholars, Kyung-hyun Kim’s second book on Korean film will be voraciously devoured, as no doubt his previous book was. Back on […]

Book review: Darcy Paquet — New Korean Cinema

Darcy Paquet: New Korean Cinema – Breaking the Waves Wallflower Press, 2009 This brief introduction to Korean film is packed with insight based on Darcy Paquet’s unique viewpoint on Korean film.1 Do not expect to find lots of analysis of individual films, or discussion of cinematography, lighting or editing techniques. But what you have in […]

Discovering Korean Cinema book launch at the KCC

For those keen to find out more about Korean film there’s an interesting talk, together with a book launch, at the KCC on Tuesday 23 November. Three distinguished speakers: Daniel Martin will be chairing the panel and giving a brief talk on the history of the LKFF, Mark Morris will be talking about War films, […]

Call For Papers: Korean Horror Cinema (Edinburgh University Press, 2012)

Abstracts are sought for a collection on Korean Horror Cinema to be published by Edinburgh University Press in 2012. Deadline for proposals: 1 December 2010. South Korean cinema is of rapidly increasing international importance, and this collection offers an informative overview of its most appealing, culturally significant and critically fascinating genre: horror. Korean cinema was […]