2014 Travel Diary day 3: 사십구재

The 49th-day ceremony (사십구재) for Sena Lee, who died in Seoul on 22 April 2014, held at Anjeoksa, Sancheon-gun, at which family and friends said farewell to her. According to dharma master Tim Lerch,  Traditionally, the period of 49 days after someone dies is seen as a time for that person to check their consciousness and digest their […]

RIP Sena Lee

Many LKL readers will remember Dr Sena Lee, the Traditional Korean Medicine doctor, and LKL’s medical correspondent. She was in London for three years taking a PhD in western medicine to add to her Korean qualifications. Her articles for LKL can be found here. During her time in London she was a great ambassador for […]

No-one’s in the mood for celebrating

In a brief article two days ago, Variety noted the impact of the Sewol ferry disaster on the Korean box office, on TV schedules, and on pop concerts. No one is in the mood for enjoying themselves right now. Not that such an injunction is needed, but I hear that government officials and diplomatic staff […]

RIP Peter Corbishley

Today was the Requiem Mass for Peter Corbishley, who died peacefully on 12 October, aged 67, after a recurrence of throat cancer. Peter was a great friend of Korea – a contributor to LKL, guest member and helper of the Korean Artists Association, and Committee member of the Anglo-Korean Society among other things. He also […]

2013 Travel Diary #30: New Connections

Museum of Modern Art, Gwacheon-si, Saturday 14 September, 1:30pm. I’m still wandering around some of the museum’s permanent collection when my phone rings and my 3pm appointment wonders if they can shift to 2:30pm. It’s 1:30pm by now, and City Hall is a one hour journey away, so the proposed new time is going to […]

Kiejo’s Cambridge feast

Kiejo Sarsfield tells how a housewife from Masan ended up supervising dinner for 60 in a Cambridge college. In March I had e-mail from Dr Michael Shin, Lecturer in Korea Studies and fellow at Robinson College Cambridge, about a Korean food event he was planning to organise in a couple of months. He was asking me whether I would be interested […]

Royal Ancestors makes it onto Amazon.com

I was taken a bit by surprise when I was introduced at the KCCUK’s firth birthday dinner as “Author of Royal Ancestors and Ancient Remedies.” I had almost forgotten. But coincidentally, a correspondent has just told me that it’s now available on Amazon.com. Some enterprising organisation has picked up a free copy or two from […]

The KCCUK’s fifth birthday celebrations

It really should be us thanking the KCCUK, not the other way round. But on the occasion of its fifth birthday the KCCUK has been characteristically generous in its expressions of gratitude to its supporters. Last Saturday at Cadogan Hall saw a free concert with Pansori Master Song Soon-seop, plus Pansori singer Lee Jaram, pianist […]

An apology to LKL subscribers

If you are reading this, it is because you are one of my loyal subscribers who get new articles delivered into your email inbox as soon as a post is published. You’re probably waiting for news of a recently-organised event. Instead, you find a post with no useful information in it. As you may know, […]