A nomination for artiste of the year

In more than a footnote to her Critic’s Choice article, Saharial reviews the achievements of Lee Minwoo this year My personal nomination for artiste of the year goes to Lee Minwoo a.k.a. ‘M’. In the last 12 months he has not only released a live album and a third solo effort, and held successful tours […]

LKL Critics’ Choice 2007: Saharial

Saharial, a moderator in the soompi forums and a self-confessed pop junkie, presents her selection of 2007 releases – and has some words of comfort for a disappointing release which didn’t make her list First up is the King of Ballads — Sung Si Kyung. This sixteen track 5th Album called The Ballads opens with […]

LKL Critics’ Choice 2007: Jenny Wu

2007 was not an outstanding year for Korean music to be brutally honest. I found myself liking this song here and that song there, but only a few albums as a whole have commanded my attention this past year. The following are my top 5 picks for best Korean albums of 2007. My criteria for […]

Seasonal gift ideas

As there are only 3 weeks left, here are some thoughts for solving some of your gift dilemmas: Book ideas James Church’s second novel in the Inspector O series: Hidden Moon. The first one was a corker. The second one: a bank robbery in Pyongyang, in broad daylight, by men in silk stockings? A lively […]

Coming soon: LKL albums of the year

Fed up with mediocre K-pop acts being showered with awards? December is the month when LKL critics, and hopefully readers as well, will be awarding prestigious accolades to Korean musicians based on their artistic merit rather than the skills of their choreographers, publicity managers and plastic surgeons. LKL Critics’ Choice A couple of months ago […]