A nomination for artiste of the year

In more than a footnote to her Critic’s Choice article, Saharial reviews the achievements of Lee Minwoo this year My personal nomination for artiste of the year goes to Lee Minwoo a.k.a. ‘M’. In the last 12 months he has not only released a live album and a third solo effort, and held successful tours […]

LKL Critics’ Choice 2007: Saharial

Saharial, a moderator in the soompi forums and a self-confessed pop junkie, presents her selection of 2007 releases – and has some words of comfort for a disappointing release which didn’t make her list First up is the King of Ballads — Sung Si Kyung. This sixteen track 5th Album called The Ballads opens with […]

Korea’s cute and funky cultural exports

Chatham House Korea Discussion Group China’s ‘Korea Wave’: National Branding, Piracy, Idols and Fans Speaker: Dr Rowan Pease, 6 December 2006, 1:15pm If ever you get the chance to hear Rowan Pease talk on her chosen subject of the hallyu in China, drop everything and go to it. Even if you’ve heard some of her […]

Shinhwa: My Choice

(January 2002) My choice is a compilation of the highlights from Shinhwa’s first four albums, and so is a good place to start for those unfamiliar with one of Korea’s popular and longest-lived boy bands. One of the more peculiar numbers is T.O.P. (Twinkling of Paradise), a reinterpretation of a famous Tchaikovsky melody, together with […]

Eric promotes Spam

Not the unsolicited email, but the processed pork luncheon meat so ridiculed in the Monty Python sketch. As Rowan Pease said in her recent talk on the hallyu in China, the only way for stars and studios to make money out of hallyu is via celebrity endorsements; but it’s certainly puzzling that such a (to […]