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Eric promotes Spam

Not the unsolicited email, but the processed pork luncheon meat so ridiculed in the Monty Python sketch. As Rowan Pease said in her recent talk on the hallyu in China, the only way for stars and studios to make money out of hallyu is via celebrity endorsements; but it’s certainly puzzling that such a (to a Brit) tired and unfashionable product should be singled out for a glamour-makeover by pop singer Eric from Shinhwa. Having said which, I highly recommend fried Spam for brunch, along with fried eggs, potatoes and brown sauce. Certainly more dependable than the poor quality bacon and sausages you get in most greasy spoon cafes in London. Maybe we should get Britney to give Spam a glamour-makeover in the UK…

Eric promotes Spam (스팸)
Eric promotes Spam (스팸)

Picture from Chosun Ilbo


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