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Why Korea should be proud of Jihae Hwang, and why a sponsor should step forward for next year

Not many Koreans will have heard of Jihae Hwang. In fact, probably more Brits have heard of her. She has recently been on national TV here, with coverage in the best broadsheet newspapers. The English are known for their love of gardening. On sunny Spring Sundays and Bank Holidays, garden centres are crammed with people … [Read More]


The Korean Toilet Association makes it into the news again. If you’re looking for an innovative public-hygiene-themed mini-break in Korea you could do worse than rent a toilet-shaped house for the night. All proceeds will go to support that splendid and worthwhile organisation. HT to Jim Hoare. Links: World’s first toilet house to be built … [Read More]

International Toilet Rescue

Revealing my schoolboy sense of humour, I couldn’t resist posting this link to an article about the Korea-based World Toilet Association “racing to rescue Cambodia” Toilets are no longer a space for excretion only; they are becoming the central place in our daily lives where cleanness, relaxation, and aesthetics are important. Read on at … [Read More]

Cleanliness is next to godliness

A post by Mark Russell over at Korea Pop Wars about a particular piece of junk mail he got recently – the first issue of Toilet World – prompts me to link to two other toilet-related articles which I’ve had in my inbox for a while. Links: Korea Poop Wars – Mark Russell at Korea … [Read More]