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International Toilet Rescue

Revealing my schoolboy sense of humour, I couldn’t resist posting this link to an article about the Korea-based World Toilet Association “racing to rescue Cambodia”

Toilets are no longer a space for excretion only; they are becoming the central place in our daily lives where cleanness, relaxation, and aesthetics are important.

wtalogoRead on at It was, of course, Mark Russell who first alerted me to the existence of this important international organisation, and a little bit of googling also reveals the existence of its Singapore-based rival, the WTO (the T stands for Toilet, not Trade). Thanks are due to Tom Coyner for circulating the latest gem.

The WTA, or the WTO for that matter, should turn its attention to the Chinese railway system. Maybe things have improved in the five years since the video on J Scott Burgeson’s site was shot. The video in question is linked at the bottom right corner of the page. Only watch it if you are not too fastidious about personal hygiene.

2 thoughts on “International Toilet Rescue

  1. As someone who has done 32 hours hard seat Guilin to Beijing, 36 hours hard sleeper Beijing to Chengdu and 72 hours soft sleeper Beijing to Urumqi, let me tell you things seem to have improved enormously in the five years from when I went to when he went…although I suppose Shenyang to Harbin is not so long a journey.

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