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New Jeon Ji-hyun vehicle crashes

Jeon Ji-hyun in Daisy
Jeon Ji-hyun in Daisy

OK, so it’s not a complete box office turkey, but after one week at the top of the charts, it’s now down to number 4 and predicted to head south quickly. The vehicle, a film entitled Daisy, is a blatantly commercial effort to cash in on the marketability of the My Sassy Girl star outside of Korea. Directed by Hong Kong director Andrew Lau (Infernal Affairs), scripted by MSG director Kwak Jae-young, also starring heart throb Jung Woo-sung, and shot entirely in Amsterdam, it seems tailor-made to appeal to the export market. But to quote from Tom Giammarco’s comment posted on,

After watching the film, one of my friends commented that it was just like watching a very long music video and I had to agree. … the film is very pretty to look at but it lacks the emotional punch that the story required. If you are a big fan of Jeon Ji-hyun, you may like this movie because it shows lots of her in loving, slow-motion close-ups (sloooowly smiling, crying, dozing, turning, falling, etc).

Jeon Ji-hyun in Daisy
Jeon Ji-hyun in Daisy

Maybe I might watch it after all then — but one to watch on a hotel video channel rather than buy on DVD.

One thought on “New Jeon Ji-hyun vehicle crashes

  1. You guys rock at this page! I saw “Daisy” and if it wasn’t for Jung Woo-Sung, whom I thought played his typical emotionally-wrought character really well and Lee Sung-Jae; I would not have bothered.

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