Super Junior T: Rokkuko

(Released February 2007) Every now and then in my somewhat random purchases of Korean pop music I hit upon a gem. By the law of averages, every now and then I have to come across a dud. This is one of them. I’ve started investigating Trot, and perversely thought I’d start with its latest reincarnation […]

A fantastic source for Korean rock & indie music

If you’re just starting with Korean rock, indie, alternative and punk music, you could do a lot worse than visit Orienkorean’s YouTube channel (linked below). He’s got wide-ranging tastes and (for how long he’s going to keep this up, I don’t know) he’s trying to upload one music video per day. Orienkorean was kind enough […]

Free documentary screening: Koryo Saram

Date: Wednesday, 2 May 2007 Time: 17.00-19.00 Title: Koryo Saram – The Unreliable People (one hour documentary film)* Director: Y. David Chung Director of Photography and Editor: Matt Dibble Executive Producer: Meredith Woo Historical Consultant: German Kim (Kazakh State University) Venue: Khalili Lecture Theatre, Main Building, SOAS *The screening will be followed by a Q&A […]

Roe Kyung-jo: From Canvas to Ceramic

Gallerie Besson, 15 Royal Arcade, 28 Old Bond Street, London W1S 4SP 25 April – 24 May 2007 Professor Roe Kyung-jo (노경조) made a rare appearance in London yesterday for the opening of his exhibition at Galerie Besson. Roe’s work was on display in London last year as part of the Traditional Yet Contemporary exhibition […]

Korean female vocalist wanted

I got an interesting email from a visitor today. We are an international ensemble of experimental musicians, SOKI2U. See our website (linked below) to hear some of our music. We are urgently seeking a Korean female vocalist, and the ability to play an instrument and compose your own songs would be a huge advantage. We […]

JPMorgan Partners the next Lone Star?

That’s the question posed by the Chosun Ilbo last week. The investment partnership formed to acquire a 73% stake of Mando, the Korean car parts maker, was ordered by the National Tax Service to pay $16 million in back taxes on dividends. JPMorgan Partners had a two-thirds share in this partnership. While the investment in […]

The Korean breakdancing scene

The talent on display at the Peacock at the moment is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the Korean B-boy scene. Korean breakdancing is getting almost to be mainstream – to the extent that corporate suits hire B-boys to provide some glitz and glamour to a new product launch; and they […]

Yegam Inc: BreakOut

Those who have been to see Jump will be familiar with the formula. Some very clever slapstick, a small amount of enforced audience participation, and some excellent acrobatics. Whereas in Jump the acrobatics involved martial arts, in Break Out it involved some pretty impressive breakdancing. With the Taekwondo in Jump, the amazing displays flowed naturally […]

A suggested answer to Samsung’s profit woes

Samsung recently reported lower than anticipated profits for the first quarter of 2007. “While operating profit came in slightly below market consensus, this shortfall was limited to weaker than expected performance in the semiconductor business,” said Lee Keonhyok of Samsung’s investor relations department in a telephone conference call. “While not making any excuses, it’s fair […]

Unfortunate headline of the week…

…goes to the Chosun Ilbo for Korean Hurt in Virginia College Massacre (timed at 8:39 KST, 17 April) I guess it’s the pitfalls of reporting news as it happens. The next Chosun Ilbo article on the topic reads: Virginia Tech Shooter Was Korean (timed at 7:48 KST, 18 April). In due course I’ll update this […]

KORUS FTA to benefit some UK law firms?

The surprise milestone reached on 2 April, with what appears to be provisional agreement on the US Free Trade Agreement, could also benefit law firms operating in the UK, but the dust is still settling. As became clear last year, no progress was going to be made on opening up the Korean legal market until […]

The Blogroll is back

I finally worked out how to resurrect into my sidebar all my links to other sites. Firstly the WordPress 2.0 upgrade changed the coding required; then, when I imported my database into my new webspace somehow I lost all the categories under which the links were filed. A quick five minutes reinstating the categories and […]

Defensive Walking on the streets of Seoul

One day I’ll work out, from the ethical and technological perspectives, how to go about embedding other people’s videos into this blog. Until that day, I’ll just have to link to the sites where the videos are displayed. So here’s a fine video containing instructions for a foreigner on how to walk “defensively” down the […]