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Namdaemun before, during and after

First, some pictures of Namdaemun as it used to be:

Namdaemun in 1890
In 1890


Namdaemun in 1904-6
In 1904-6


Namdaemun in 1906-7
In 1906-7

The YouTube Namdaemun Then and Now group contains loads of more recent, pre-fire, images. Here’s a couple of samples:

Before the fountain was taken away

Namdaemun at night

Next, a YouTube (from MBC) of the fire itself:

Some spectacular stills of the fire are on pwalks’ flickr page (HT to Seoul Man for the link). In fact pwalks has a load of excellent photos of Korea.

And a very moving video entitled 다시 되돌릴 수 있다면 (If we can go to the PAST), via Gusts of Popular Feeling:

And one or two of my own snaps, taken on 15 February, five days after the fire.


After the fire

After the fire

After the fire

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