The British fighter pilot buried near Pyongyang

by Philip Gowman on 16 August, 2009 updated 26 January, 2013

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Flt Lt Desmond Hinton's brother David visits his grave

Flt Lt Desmond Hinton’s brother David visits his grave, June 28, 2004. (Source)

Michael Rank in the Asia Times on the British fighter pilot buried near Pyongyang. Well worth a read. #

There can be no lonelier grave anywhere on Earth. Amid fields close to the North Korean capital, Pyongyang, lie the remains of Flight Lieutenant Desmond Hinton, a British fighter pilot who flew for the United States Air Force as a member of United Nations forces in the Korean War.

You can also read a separate account on Michael’s own blog, from where the above photo is taken.

Update 5 May 2011: Flt Lt Hinton is likely to be re-buried in the UN Memorial Cemetary near Busan


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