Korean restaurant in Time Out pick of the Year

Jee Cee Neh in Time Out

Jee Cee Neh

It’s not often you see a Korean restaurant featured in Time Out, still less one that’s not in Central London. But in the Christmas double-issue a New Malden eatery gets singled out: Jee Cee Neh (지씨네), 74 Burlington Road, New Malden, Surrey, New Malden, KT3 4NU, 020 8942 0682.

Our bowl of yukkaejang (a rich, chilli-infused broth of beef shreds, egg and green onions, with a kick that a mule would be proud of) could easily have fed two. We barely had space for the main course: tender belly pork fried with chilli and ssam jang (fermented bean paste). Enormous jeongol stews, served bubbling at the table, seem the dish of choice for locals. [Full review here]

Congratulations to Jee Cee Neh.

My own discovery of the year is Yeon-ji, also in Burlington Road (#106) where they do a superb 주물럭 등심 – an up-market variation on your standard beef barbecue. And, in the centre of town, Arang is now my restaurant of choice for the West End (and Asadal for the Holborn area).

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  1. Han Kang on Hanway Street, just off Tottenham Court Road is a really nice cosy restaurant. Its tucked away, but does some really good bbudae jjige

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