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Kim Jeong-ho’s Daedong Yeojido online

Link to map on American Geographical Society Library website

An amazingly detailed 1861 pictorial map of the Korean peninsula is now available online. Well worth a look. #

The Daedong yeojido was produced by the great Korean geographer Kim Jeong-ho. The map is at a scale of about 1:162,000 and is a wood block print that includes two inset maps of Seoul, texts and diagrams. The map is on twenty-two folded sheets and when displayed open, measures nearly thirteen feet wide and twenty feet in length. The long sheets were designed to be folded accordion style making this large and otherwise unwieldy map easier to use.

Source: American Geographical Society Library.

3 thoughts on “Kim Jeong-ho’s Daedong Yeojido online

  1. Sirs….I understand that this famous map is so BIG, BUT my question to you is …..DID THE ORIGINAL HAVE COLORED SECTIONS? Or was the colored sections added ? I came accross a copy of this famous map in a frame that is rounded corners that are “DOVETAILE” NOT MITERED CORNERS. Framed size approx. 30″L x 20″W.
    At the top is CHINESE WRITINGS of which I was told by a chinese person saying….”MAP” also in ( ) in chinese the date “1861”. ALSO top left are 3 other images of a sourounding area ( ISLANDS) maybe…etc. ALSO a rectangular square of I believe CHINESE WRITINGS of which I haven’t had interpeted. Around the map itself it shows some yellowing as to possible age. Also if you look closley at the paper it is on you can see that the paper isn’t just a FLAT paper but has some kind of lines in it.
    Can you possably tell me what I might have here?
    Michael Albano
    Clearwater, Fla.

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