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Petal divides the audience


Mixed reactions to Jang Sun-woo's Petal at the KCC last night, as part of the Jang Sun-woo month. Two people walked out, but some of us were crying. #

One thought on “Petal divides the audience

    • Daniel Martin: It think that’s precisely the effect it’s supposed to have. Kudos to the KCC for doing a public screening.
    • Philip: It made more sense than the book. But maybe that’s because having read the book 3 times I knew what to expect of the film. It captured the book very well, and I think improved on it. KCC hopes to screen Lovers in Woomukbaemi in 3 weeks time …if they can get a print. Tony Raynes will be doing Q&A in 2 weeks. It’s Jang Sun-woo month!
    • Ej Shin: Maybe it’s good time to review your last year’s essay? I prefer the book tho 🙂
    • J-Min Ahn: I found the film disturbing when I saw it in my teen’s.

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