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Korean Jazz to Korean Ceramics via the Daily Telegraph

How does one get from a Korean jazz singer resident in France to a Korean artist resident in the UK via Britain’s best-selling quality daily newspaper?

Stephen HoughThere are many celebrity twitterers, but there is only one remotely famous person that I happen to “follow”: pianist Stephen Hough (@houghhough). I came across his Daily Telegraph blog and hence his twitter account via another Telegraph blogger, Sebastian Scotney of the London Jazz Blog who I mat at Nah Youn Sun’s gig at the Vortex last year. Hough is a brilliant concert pianist, whose career I’ve been following in real life since his Gramophone award-winning recording of Hummel’s piano concertos in 1987, and some of his written turns of phrase are as witty and elegant as his musical ones.

Why am I mentioning him now? Well, life seems to be full of tiny little happy coincidences. He recently tweeted about a blog post he wrote in the Telegraph: an elegy on the paintings of Korean ceramics by London-based Korean artist Anna Paik. I spotted some of Paik’s work at the London Art Fair last year and was impressed by its stillness.

Day Dream
Day Dream, Anna Paik (© the artist)

Hough’s blog post spurred an interesting discussion about the appropriate music to listen to while contemplating Paik’s work, from Bach through to Morton Feldman. Well worth a read.


(HT: Colin Bartlett).

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