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Groove Korea explains why Korean beer is so bad

Beer graphic from Groove KoreaWhy is Korean beer so dreadful? Rob Titley of Groove Korea has the answer: An Answer to Korea’s Bad Beer Part of the problem is high barriers to entry.

One thought on “Groove Korea explains why Korean beer is so bad

  1. Right, Korean beer is so watery that I dont recommend it to my friends or so. Only thing I don’t buy among Korean products is beer brewed by two damn major beer companies in Korea and I am Korean. Hopefully it seems like the high barriers to entry above, which I couldnt guess why such a foolish law was made, are going to be abolished. just Waiting and waiting the day I can enjoy nicely brewed beer with a sufficient amount of Korean malt.
    My English looks so lame. English is not an easy language for SOV altaic language speakers. Sorry for it.

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