LKL in the 경남도민일보 and JoongAng Ilbo

PG in the JoongAng Ilbo

I accidentally got interviewed by a Gyeongnam newspaper in Sancheong. Not sure what the article says, but I hope I did OK for Sancheong County. The piece also ended up in the JoongAng Ilbo.

Introduction12: Yun Isang’s music at TIMF 2012
1: Dansaekhwa – Korean Monochrome Painting at the Museum of Contemporary Art13: Jeon Hyuck-lim, Magician of Colours
2: Suh Do-ho “Home within Home” at the Leeum14: Mugwort pancakes and bronze age dolmen
3: Bugaksan to Daehakro15: A visit to Min Young-ki
4: Walking the palace trail with the RASKB16: Silla pagodas, Korea’s first beautiful village, and Nammyeong’s tomb
5: the Trip to Tongyeong17: On hiking in Korea
6: Tongyeong harbour18: The hike to Beopgyesa
7: Yi Sun-shin — military genius, hero, poet19: Beopgyesa Temple and those Japanese feng-shui stakes
8: Yun Isang, Sancheong and Tongyeong20: Rabbit Stew and Love Shots
9: Yun Isang — Victim of the Cold War21: Seong Cheol’s birthday, Park Chan-soo’s museum and Gaya period tombs
10: Mireuksan and meonggae – a morning on Mireukdo22: The Burial Grounds of the Royal Joseon Placentas, and why underfloor heating is not always good for you
11: The Tongyeong International Music Festival23: Mun Ik-jeom: dutiful son and smuggler of cotton seeds
Thank yousThe Seoul Nuclear Security Summit
LKL in the 경남도민일보“A Reason to Live” and “Pain”: Two lame films to avoid
Some regional foods in TongyeongSome regional foods in Sancheong
Park Kyung-ni’s tomb in TongyeongIf aliens landed in Gyeongnam, would they think Koreans worshipped the turtle?

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