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Is this for real? I’m so dead!

“A fine for a person who exposes his or her skin is too much. Is this for real? I’m so dead!” Lee Hyori is said to have tweeted in this week’s non-story.

Park Geun-hye’s cabinet approved a revision on 11 March that regulates certain “inappropriate” social behavior such as stalking and public indecency, which includes being “insufficiently dressed” in a way that could make someone uncomfortable. The revision that will take effect on March 22 includes a 50,000 won ($45) fine for anyone showing too much skin on the street. “The revised regulations are rather more moderate than before,” the police said.

Full story: Joongang Ilbo. And a ridiculous overreaction in the Daily Mail and CNN

Lee Hyori advertising Calvin Klein jeans
Lee Hyori advertising Calvin Klein jeans with model Matthew Terry (Source)

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