LBF Cultural Programme events, 9 Apr during the day at Earls Court

Here are the Korea-related literature sessions on the second day of the London Book Fair. Free admittance, provided you have a pass to the Fair itself. You can register for one on the London Book Fair website.

Writing Home: Migrant Literature

Kim Insuk (top) and Kim Young-ha10.00-11.00

Kim Insuk, Kim Young-ha and Xiaolu Guo; Chaired by Ellah Allfrey

How does national and personal identity endure in foreign and faraway lands? Join us to explore Korea’s relationship with the rest of the world through literary portrayals of Korean emigrants in the writing of Kim Insuk and Kim Young-ha, whose novels portray Koreans in places as varied as Australia and Mexico.

Whitehall Room, Earls Court
Language: Korean and English

In Conversation…

Hwang Sunmi11.30-12.00

Hwang Sun-mi in conversation with Maya Jaggi

English PEN Literary Salon, Earls Court
Language: Korean and English

Allegory and the Literary Imagination

Yi Mun-yol13.00-14.00

Yi Mun-yol and Marina Warner

How do myth, allegory and fable illustrate history and society? What imaginative tools do they give writers, and do such stories have the power to be socially transformative? We welcome Yi Mun-yol for an exploration of fable in contemporary fiction: its response to social injustice, ideology and history in Korean writing.

Whitehall Room, Earls Court
Language: Korean and English

Families, Relationships and Society

Shin Kyung-sook (top) and Han Kang14.30-15.30

Kyung-sook Shin, Han Kang and Kerry Hudson; Chaired by Rachel Holmes

The shock of modernity has had a profound effect on Korean society, and the families and the relationships of its people. Acclaimed novelists Kyung-sook Shin and Han Kang discuss how their work examines the conflict between the traditional and the modern and the space between the young and the old.

Whitehall Room, Earls Court
Language: Korean and English

Writing and Translating in Korea Today


Brother Anthony, Krys Lee and Shirley Lee; Chaired by Cortina Butler

Get an introduction to contemporary Korean writing from the experts: literary translators. Join Krys Lee, Shirley Lee and Brother Anthony to discover the dominant trends and concerns of Korean literature today and gain an insight to the complex role of the literary translator, negotiating two languages and cultures to bring great new writing to UK readers.

Literary Translation Centre, Earls Court
Language: English

(automatically generated) Read LKL’s review of this event here.

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