LG launches homebrew machine with Suffolk malt

LG HomeBrew

Earlier this week the British Embassy in Seoul participated in the official launch in Korea of LG’s new home brewing appliance that takes the mess and faff out of making your own beer. A sleek, self contained unit takes two weeks to brew the beer, making around 5 litres, and sanitises itself afterwards to get ready for the next batch.


The gadget uses capsules – somewhat like a nespresso machine. Each brew uses three capsules – yeast, hop oil and a flavouring – and a large tube of malt. The combinations can deliver five different beer types – IPA, pale ale, stout, wheat beer and pilsner.

The British connection is that the capsules are supplied by Suffolk based company Muntons, who have been producing malt and related products since 1921.

Muntons logo

The product was trailed at the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show back in January, and it is being launched first in Korea and then the US. Would it work in the UK? Maybe, if you haven’t got a decent pub within walking distance. Price in Korea is in the region of $3,400, so it’s quite an investment.


(photo credit: LG Electronics)

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