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Chef Kwak Mikyung in conversation with Professor Jieun Kiaer

The first KCC event of the New Year:

AI Chef Seo Yugu: Re-imagining 18th century Korean food

Chef Kwak Mikyung in conversation with Professor Jieun Kiaer
Date: Thursday 11 January 2024, 5pm - 6pm
KCCUK | Grand Buildings | 1-3 Strand | London WC2N 5BW | | [Map]

Tickets: Free | Register here
Korean cookies

We are pleased to announce an in-person talk with chef Kwak Mikyung from the Pungseok Foundation and Professor Jieun Kiaer from University of Oxford about two 18th century scholar chefs.

During the talk, we will discuss the lives of two scholar chefs from the Joseon era, Seo Yu-gu (1764-1845) and Bingheogak (1759-1824), the latter being the sister-in-law of Seo. Seo Yu-gu is the author of The Encyclopaedia of Rural Life, which describes his knowledge and experiences of rural life, consists of approximately 28,000 items, 113 volumes, and 54 books. Bingheogak wrote Gyuhapchongseo which is a collection of the wisdom of daily life including recipes, making clothes, agriculture and more.

This event will explore their culinary philosophies and explore some of their recipes. We will also introduce the AI chef Seo Yu-gu, to bring Seo’s culinary wisdom to life. This hour-long talk is accompanied by maehwa cha (plum blossom tea) and gangjeong, traditional hand-crafted Korean cookies, made by chef Kwak.

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