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Red Carpet Spirit trilogy screens at the KCC

Even if you saw Ingeun Kim’s short film One Fine Day in Camden last December, you’ll want to see it again. At the KCC on 6 September it will be partnered by two other short films by Korean artists in London: Changwoo Ryu’s Bincent and Yoonsuk Choi’s Object. RSVP as per the contact details below. … [Read More]

4482 2011: Rhizosphere – Directions in Motion comes to the Bargehouse

The annual blockbuster group show of young Korean artists in London runs 24-27 February at the Bargehouse, bigger than ever: this year there are 60 artists exhibiting: The 4th 4482 Sasapari exhibition represents the largest ever showcase for Korean contemporary artists living and working in London. This year, entitled ‘Rhizosphere: Directions in Motion’, it presents … [Read More]

Forms without Pro formas

‘Entry Forms’ The Korean Cultural Centre, Grand Buildings, 1-3 Strand 9 December 2008 – 15 January 2009 Jeong Mun Hur, Heena Kim, Yun-Kyung Kim, Minho Kwon, Bommsoon Lee, Younjeong Lee, Soonnam Lim, Jun-Gu Noh, Jee Oh, Jihye Park, So Young Park, Changwoo Ryu, Gee Song, Hyemin Son Review by Beccy Kennedy Rephrase the title of … [Read More]