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A Floating City on the Water

Translated by:
Publisher: , 2005
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A Floating City on the Water is a novel that carves in powerful relief how ideological division between South and North Korea wreaks tragic consequences upon a family for three generations. It is also a poignant story of incest between Sujin, an older sister born and raised in South Korea and Hansuk, a younger brother born in North Korea, who meet and fall in love in Paris, and who find out much later that they are siblings of the same parents.

Too horrified and anguished over their fate, they decide to stay far apart and live their separate lives, Hansuk in France and Sujin in Korea. Sujin has never told Hansuk of the existence of Hyungwoo, their son. After nearly 20 years, Hyungwoo meets his father in a dramatic encounter …

Jang-Soon Sohn is one of the leading Korean novelists well known for her prize-winning novel, The Koreans, which has been translated into French. A graduate of Seoul National University with a B.A. in French, she studied French Literature at Sorbonne in Paris. She taught at Han Yang University while actively creating many literary works including The Castle of Sehwa, The Woman of Ambition, and The Shim Family, in addition to numerous short stories and essays.

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