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Aunt Suni

Translated by:
Publisher: , 2008.
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The Jeju Local Government has been trying to attract domestic and international attention to designate Jeju Island as World Peace Island. In this situation the top priority is to let people all over the world easily understand the people, culture and above all, recognize the tragic history of Jeju Island.

The significant aspects of Jeju are well permeated into the works of Hyeon ki-young. In particular, ‘Aunt Suni’ dealt with the most tragic chapters of Jeju history and culture. That’s the very reason I chose to translate his most famous novel ‘Aunt Suni’ into English. My personal humble belief is that people should come first before every other ideology. No more bloody tragedies should be repeated on this beautiful planet. – Translated by Song Jong Do

Available at Seoul Selection. Another translation is available in the Asia Publishers series

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