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Blood of the Old Kings

Translated by:
Publisher: , expected Oct 2024
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Powered by corpses of sorcerers, the Empire has conquered the world. It claims to have brought peace and stability to its conquered lands, but some see that peace for what it is—a lie—and will give everything to fight it.

Loran was desperate for revenge after the Empire killed her family, so much so that she climbed the volcano where the legends say an ancient dragon slumbers, and she leapt in. When it turns out the legends are true, Loran accepts an even greater mission: bring down the Empire, and become King.

Cain arrived in the Imperial capital lost and orphaned, and it’s only thanks to the kindness of a stranger-turned-mentor that he survived on the city’s streets. When his friend is found murdered, he will leave no stone unturned to find those responsible, even if it means starting a war.

Arienne’s future has never been in question—born a sorcerer, she’ll be a Power Generator for the Empire upon her death. But when she starts to hear the voice of a powerful necromancer in her head, she realizes the only thing more terrifying than dying for the Empire is never getting to truly live in the first place.

When peace is a lie, there is power in truth—and as Loran, Cain, and Arienne hunt for answers in their own lives, each of their rebellions could bring the empire down.

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